Mullins FactoryCSA Alloy Wheels (Mullins Wheels Pty Ltd) is a privately owned Australian company which has been in the motor industry since the early 1900's. They have branches Australia-wide and export world wide - with distributors in the UK, Japan, USA, Italy, South Africa and elsewhere.

They have some of the most advanced equipment and their dedication to supplying the best alloy wheels has seen them invest a lot of money in more advanced methods of coating alloy wheels, with their world-class wet coat paint line facility. They have more information about this on their website if you are interested.

CSA wheels are sold at all good wheel & tyre centres. With wheels of export-quality, and from an Australian company with industry certifications, you know that what you are getting is of the highest standard. Support the businesses who support this site: look for CSA Wheels when you want to upgrade your rims.

Check out a small sample of some of the great CSA Alloy Wheel range:

Force II

Visit the NEW CSA Alloy Wheels Website at to see their full range of alloy wheels.

For a full list of local places where you can buy and have fitted CSA wheels check out the "Dealers" section of their website.

Don't forget to check out their wheel-matching feature on their site - no Magna on it yet - but makes it a bit easier to get a feel of what the wheels would look like on a car.

TS Magna featuring 17x7 CSA Technics

Wheels fitted by:

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