Import performance and styling

Import Scene was founded in 2002 and has been a leading supplier of show-car styling and performance products. They have direct relationships with suppliers in Japan and Australia, and are a trusted source for Japanese performance parts and styling products. Import Scene are committed to providing you with the best shopping experience including unmatched levels of pre-sales support and post-sales customer care.

Import Scene stock a wide range of vehicle accessories, including lighting accessories, aftermarket computers, exhaust and intake components, interior and exterior accessories - and plenty more. Check out their website for their great range of products -

Synthetic Dash Kits

One of Import Scenes' great products is their high-quality synthetic Dash Kits. These are available for most Magna's and Verada's from the TR/KR through to the TJ.

The Dash Kits instantly transform your cars centre console and other trims (which may have become scratched or faded over time) into something that looks new and unique. You will be pleasantly surprised with the result - the kits are of superb quality and have a great realistic finish.

The Synthetic Kits are available in the following finishes:

Brushed Aluminium (Synthetic) - A futuristic brushed aluminium finish that has some chrome characteristics but won't glare at you in the sun. Provides a refreshing update to any model car and fits in nicely with other silver/chrome cabin fittings

Metallic Walnut Burl (Synthetic) - A Walnut Burl that reflects a very subtle deep coppery "metallic fleck" in direct sunlight against the wood grain of the walnut burl! (Looks very unique and stylish)

Silver Carbon (Synthetic) - An "out there" carbon fibre look that attracts immediate attention

Black Carbon (Synthetic) - A subtle carbon fibre look that blends naturally into black interiors

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Visit Import Scenes' website at for further information or to purchase one of these excellent kits.