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TRW LogoLucas Brake Pads are manufactured by TRW Automotive and have always been the benchmark for the European Aftermarket, as well as being the leading suppler of disc brake systems to vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Suzuki, General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi.

Some of the features of Lucas brake pads are:

High Standards and Rigorous Testing
Long before official safety and performance specifications were introduced, TRW had established its own test specification to ensure standards above and beyond the demands of the norm. Alpine tests and high speed fade tests are undertaken by TRW's state-of-the-art testing facilities. Pads for Australian vehicles were developed on Australian braking systems and extensively road tested in Australia.

Brake Pads BoxExcellent Brake Performance
TRW's stringent performance specifications ensure that all Lucas pads have excellent fade resistance in most braking conditions, as well as good pedal feel and excellent recovery. Lucas brake pads work when cold and continue to perform at very high temperatures (with a stable friction co-efficient from 100 °C to 650°C).

Reduced bedding-in time
All Lucas brake pads are scorched at 650°C eliminating initial fading and reducing the bedding-in time. The scorching process superficially heats the surface of the friction material to release residual gases and resins remaining after the manufacturing process.

Low Noise
All Lucas pads are fitted with hot-glued rubber composite shims (or metal/original specification shims if required). This reduces vibration - the major cause of brake noise.

Environmentally Friendly
TRW has invested more than USD $100 million to develop an advanced friction compound free from materials such as asbestos, copper, brass, antimono, lead and molybdenum. This ensures environmental responsibility while still maintaining optimum braking performance.

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ATAP LogoAsk forLucas brake pads at your local reseller or brake & clutch specialist. Any further information on Lucas brake pads can be obtained by contacting their Australian wholesaler (ATAP - Australian Truck and Auto Parts) on or (03) 8369 1300.

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