In the early 1980's, Brown & Watson International Pty Ltd (BWI) - an Australian trading company - started importing Narva lighting products from East Germany. BWI produced the first Narva catalogue in 1985, showing only 58 part numbers. Today, the Narva catalogue has over 2500 part numbers - with products ranging from switches to automotive light globes.

Mention the name "Narva" to any car enthusiast, and they will recognise it as one of the leading vehicle lighting brands. Narva globes can be purchased at all major auto accessories store. Check out a small range of some of Narva's excellent products below, and be sure to check out the massive range of other lighting products at their website -

Compac LED Series Driving Lights

I have had the opportunity to review some Compac 100 LED driving lights - as seen below. These are new to the 2004/2005 Narva Product Range.

There are two stages of lighting - a LED ring around them that illuminates with your park lamps and low beam (much like the "Angel Eyes" look found in newer BMW's) and the 55w H3 bulb which switches on with your high beams. These seriously light up the road - I was impressed!

They are mounted in factory moldings or with the bracket provided - and come complete with relay, wire and switch. The 100mm lights below are 12V Compac 100 Driving Light Kit - Part number: 71850LED.

Compac 100 LED - High Beams
Compac 100 LEDs - Bright 55w H3 globes illuminated with high beam. Great night visibility.

Compaq 100 LED - Low Beams
Compac 100 LEDs - LED ring illuminates with parking/low beam lights.

Compac Series Driving/Fog Lights

The Compac Series of Driving lights and Fog lights are the smaller of the Narva range. The circular lamps range from 70mm - 100mm, and 150mm wide rectangular lamps are also available. The kits include wiring, switches and harnesses for mounting.

The driving lights have long range beams great for highways, and the fog lights have a wider beam good for winding roads.

LED Wedge Globes

Also new to the 2004/2005 Product Range, these LED globes are for replacing standard halogen globes. They fit in parking lights, number plate lights, etc. They are brighter and are available in Blue, Red, Green and White.

Note: Vehicle lighting requirements in some states may not allow coloured lights in the front of the vehicle, however these would be suitable for off-street shows. The blue lights below are 12V T-100 Blue L.E.D Wedge - Part number: 47864BL.

Narva Plus 50 Headlight Globes

Plus 50 globes shine up to 50% more light on the road ahead for low beam and 20% for high beam. In addition Plus 50 delivers 20 metres longer beam. H4 12V 60/55W Part number: 48872BL.

  • No increase in power consumption
  • 50% more light
  • UV cut and safe to upgrade headlamps with polycarbonate lenses
  • Up to 65% longer globe life than high output alternatives
  • 20 metres longer beam
  • Special silver tip blends with reflector background

Narva Artic Blue Headlight Globes

The high colour temperature of 3700K provides safer night time driving. The distinctive icy blue/white headlamp appearance is similar to that produced by the Xenon Gas Discharge (XGD) systems found on a number of prestige vehicles. H4 12V 60/55W Part number: 48677BL.

  • Distinctive icy blue/white headlamp appearance for oncoming traffic
  • Produces a brilliant light that simulates daylight
  • Superior light reflects better on road markings and signage
  • UV cut, ADR approved and street legal

Narva All Weather Headlight Globes

All weather globes reduce the glare and reflection in adverse weather conditions. They are more conspicuous than normal light and, as a driver, you'll be able to adjust more quickly to poor weather conditions. H4 12V 60/55W Part number: 48583BL.

  • Produces a beam with a subtle yellow bias for improved comfort and visibility.
  • Less glare in adverse weather conditions - fog, rain, sleet and snow.
  • UV cut, ADR approved and street legal

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