In Australia, Tenneco Automotive operates three manufacturing facilities - one being Walker Australia who make world class exhaust emission systems. Walker are manufacturers of original equipment on all major local vehicle manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Ford, Holden and Toyota, as well as aftermarket systems. Walker Australia is located at O'Sullivans Beach, South Australia and has offices and warehouses in all mainland capital cities. The company manufactures exhaust systems for both original equipment and aftermarket.

Walker leads the Australian exhaust market with an extensive range of replacement mufflers, engine pipes, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, universal mufflers and accessories. Included in Walker's extensive product range is the well-known Australian brand, Lukey. The Lukey sports mufflers are known for their "growl" without being too overpowering.

Good News for Magna Owners: Walker have finally released a rear sports muffler to suit the TR Magna Onwards (picture below). It suits all engine variants (4 cyl, 6 cyl, 2.4 ltr, 3.0 ltr & 3.5ltr) due to a slotted hole flange. The pipe diameter is 2 1/2" with the internal design of the rear muffler being straight through glass pack. It is sold under the Lukey Performance range - part number LR2779. Download their product release document (pdf).

All Walker products can be purchased from Carline Mufflers, visit or call 1800 227 546 to find your nearest dealer.

Mitsubishi 1994 TS (V6) Project

There are many TR and TS Magna's around, but very few model-specific bolt-on modifications available. This makes choosing modifications harder, as things need to be carefully selected and custom built. The goal of the following project was to determine the benefits of fitting only a muffler to a stock Magna (apart from a foam panel air filter). The V6 Magna comes standard with reasonably free-flowing pipes. Walker Australia have kindly provided a Lukey Turbo 2 1/2" muffler (note: it is the generic sports muffler, as the Magna specific muffler was not available at the time of this modification. The muffler was fitted courtesy of Moonah Exhaust, and before and after dyno tests done at AutoCraft in Tasmania. Thanks to all these sponsors!

The Sound: My first reaction after having the muffler fitted was the growl - finally the car sounds like a real V6! A bit more cruising found that car idle sounds good, fast accelleration sounds great, but slow accelleration (especially up a hill) is quite loud (drones inside the car). I have gotten used to this by now, but I am sure the use of an after-market resonator or two (or a subwoofer!) would help solve this problem. For the moment I will leave it as it is though. I am told that the custom made system for the Magna's have no drone at all!

The Power: It is very hard to notice any power increase by just the "feel"... there are so many variables that can influence a persons judgement - the 'powerful' sound, and just the thought that perhaps there will be more power (placebo). That is where the dyno comes in! This determined that after fitting the muffler, there was no increase in the maximum power (128kw), but the maximum power was reached earlier and maintained longer. Before, the engine power peaked at 128kw at 3500rpm (only for a brief moment). After the exhaust was fitted, 128kw was reached at 3000 and maintained until 3800rpm. Also, prior to the exhaust being fitted there was a big drop in power at 5000rpm - down to around 90kw. After the exhaust being fitted the drop was less severe, at around 110kw. The torque curve was also smoothed out, with less "ups" and "downs' at the higher engine speeds. See the dyno below. Red = after exhaust, White = before exhaust. A solid line is Engine Power (kw), and a dashed line is Engine Torque (Nm).

The Conclusion: Thumbs up! The car sounds good most of the time and has gained power at higher revs - between 3000rpm and 5500rpm (I hope no one lets their car frequent above 5500rpm anyway!!!!). The biggest improvement is a 20kw gain at 5000rpm. High-end torque has also been improved, but I doubt I will ever drive the car hard enough to benefit from this torque improvement.

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